LOVE For the Giantnerd Community

New Giantnerd icons representing our love and commitment to the Giantnerd member community.  

Community may be the most important word on this site. Because when we talk about community, we’re talking about the nuts and bolts of the whole operation. 

The community determines which products we sell: if demand for a certain item becomes overwhelming, we’ll find it and make it available at the best price anywhere. The community helps design the evolving look and feel of the site itself: if something needs to be adjusted, it’s because you said so. And the community drives innovation across every arena of outdoor sports imaginable through collaboration and ideation among peers, with help from members of the Giantnerd® HERD team. 

This is a community of people who are all deeply engaged in the outdoor sports world. Every member has a voice; and at Giantnerd®, every member is given the tools and the platform to express his or her nerdiness as loudly as they want! So join the community and experience the true power of teamwork. Your participation will not be forgotten.


In order below:  Powered by love, 365 Day Returns, and Nerd Dollars.

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